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Metalco has registered a Type III (packaging) DMF with the USFDAwhich is updated and enriched annually.
The European Pharmacopeia considers pure aluminium (min.99,5%) containers as safe and neutral for contact with
Food and Drugs when produced and used according to GMP.

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The Origin

METALCO, owned by the fourth generation of Bartolomei family, has been operating in the field of aluminium processing since 1914. During these years, the company has varied its production range according to the market requirements, from aluminium pots and pans for communities to mess-tins, canteens, helmets and ogives for different armies all over the world.

METALCO has been manufacturing aluminium containers, specializing in the production of seamless anodized aluminium containers for chemical and pharmaceutical products, only since 1991, but in spite of this METALCO has gained deep experience in all that concern transport and protection of high value pharmaceutical powders and viscous valuable substances.

The success achieved in Europe has led us beyond the european borders to offer our products and our service all around the world.



In the last twenty years, METALCO has become deep experienced in the field of metal containers for powders and viscous high value products; our cans are designed to allow even the most delicate, sophisticated substances of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to travel around the four continents, under the most different atmospheric conditions.

METALCO uses metals, plastic materials and sealing systems with the sole purpose to protect the contents against external contamination.

Our production is specialized in the production of ALU bottles from 65 ml to 32 liters.

Bigger and smaller capacities on demand.

Tel. +39 0583 22090 / 229173
Fax +39 0583 22109

Via Mulino, 44
55015 Montecarlo (LU) - Italy
P.Iva 01704300464
Cap Sociale Euro 100.000,00

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