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Metalco has registered a Type III (packaging) DMF with the USFDAwhich is updated and enriched annually.
The European Pharmacopeia considers pure aluminium (min.99,5%) containers as safe and neutral for contact with
Food and Drugs when produced and used according to GMP.

The European Pharmacopeia and USFDA consider aluminium containers (Alu 99.5%min) when produced and used according to GMP rules, as safe and neutral for contact with foods and drugs. Seamless aluminium containers are indeed completely neutral either from a mechanical point of view (they are resistant to schocks, perforation, cuts, etc..) of from chemical one ( Alu cans gives absolute protection to cold and heat, to light and gas permeation, etc..) METALCO has worked in partnership with the mayor pharmaceutical users to increase the final surface treatment of alu cans for sterile powders. METALCO also guarantee the level of cleanliness according to USFDA. Alu containers produced by METALCO can be conveniently sterilised, after washing and rinsing, using dry heat sterilisation or autoclaving; they are even found to be pyrogen free, when tested.

Specific Surface treatment

Seamless aluminium cans can be supplied pickled and washed (ultra-clean washing), or anodised for pharmaceuticals powders as APIs.

High Resistance

Seamless aluminium cans are resistant against shocks, perforations, cuts, cold andheat. They also give absolute protection to light and gas permeation.

Easy sterilisation Depyrogenations

Dry heat sterilisation allows in one single step the sterilisation and depyrogenation of the cans. Autoclaving can also be used for sterilisation alone. When tested before dispatch, our cans have been found to be pyrogen free.


Aluminium containers mean high protection for your products

  • ALU is nontoxic
  • ALU doesn’t break off
  • ALU can’t be penetrated
  • ALU has good protectionfrom gas and light
  • ALU is recyclable
  • ALU can be easily sterilised


Efficient design for USER FRIENDLY SOLUTION

Manual closing device

  • sealing stopper in heavy chlorobutyl FDA certified, compatible with sterile products;
  • aluminium reinforcing and tampering disc;
  • aluminium warranty capsule.


SEMI-AUTOMATIC closing machine

For filling lines Metalco has developed a new concept semi-automatic machine which hermetically seals the can.


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